Why do salmon farming critics hate science so much?

February 9, 2018
Why do salmon farming critics hate science so much?
Salmon Facts are Sacred, February 9, 2018

When faced with information that might make them change their minds, the loudest salmon farming critics stick their fingers in their ears, scrunch their eyes shut and shout at the top of their lungs.

And predictably, that was their response when the federal government recently announced it was setting up an independent panel of scientists to “provide recommendations on the appropriate use and consideration of scientific evidence in protecting the marine environment in decision-making on aquaculture.”


Yes, the same people who claim to have scientific research on their side to justify shutting down salmon farms don’t want to see any more science being done, or even looked at. They hate science reviews because they prove them wrong, every time.

Professional salmon farm critic Alexandra Morton really hates them. That’s why she tried so hard to twist and manipulate the Cohen Commission in real-time to make it tell the story she wanted to tell. Thankfully, it didn’t work, and a lot of great scientific research was done and brought to light during that exhaustive review that shows there are no measurable impacts from salmon farms on wild salmon populations.

It’s a mystery why anyone still listens anything Morton has to say on science, after she blurted this gem out at the Cohen Commission:

“I don’t work on sea lice any more because I figured it out. Where there’s fish farms, there’s sea lice. It’s an extremely easy thing to study, way easier than whales.”

— Alexandra Morton, author and co-author of numerous sea lice studies, speaking at the Cohen Commission, Sept. 7, 2011

Real scientists don’t say things like that. Sounds more like a Trump tweet

Besides, despite having “figured it out” Morton did go on to continue working on sea lice, co-authoring several papers since 2011. That’s most likely because every other piece of research not done by her and her friends shows that salmon farms are well-managed in BC, that they are doing a pretty good job of managing sea lice, and that sea lice from salmon farms don’t harm wild salmon in any measurable way.

Can’t have that, the donations might dry up if people started seeing the truth!

She’s pretty good at getting media attention, so throwing out a few half-baked papers with vague prophecies of apocalyptic enviro-doom written with like-minded friends every couple years is enough to give her an undeserved semblance of credibility, while the massive amount of well-researched science that proves her wrong gets ignored.  And the donations continue.

Meanwhile, salmon farmers welcome the science review. It’s always a good thing to take a good hard look at what the science actually says.

The truth will always win out in the end. Salmon farming is science-based, sustainable and safe, and deserves to be positively recognized as an important part of the BC coast and economy.

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