Aquaculture Top 10 Reasons

10 Reasons Why Salmon Farming Makes Sense in British Columbia

1. Salmon farming can help take fishing pressure off the wild salmon stocks by providing a year-round supply of fresh salmon to the market. This can make it easier for governments to reduce fishing effort while consumers continue to enjoy fresh salmon.

2. Salmon farming provides about 6,000 jobs in British Columbia's coastal communities and contributes nearly $400 million in export sales. In total the industry is worth $800 million per year and is BC’s most important agricultural crop.

3. Salmon farming produces healthy, affordable food that is high in beneficial omega-3 fatty acids, an important factor in reducing heart disease. Both wild and farmed salmon, along with fish and shellfish in general, are better for your health than other meat products.

4. There is a great potential for benefits to First Nations coastal communities from employment and participation in salmon farming. For example, the village of Klemtu, home of the Kitasoo/Xai’xais First Nation, has been revitalized by a partnership with a salmon farming company.

5. British Columbia’s coastal communities have been hit hard by reduced employment in the forestry and commercial fishing industries. Salmon farming is the one bright spot for employment that supports families in these communities. The mayors of numerous coastal communities are strong supporters of aquaculture because they know how important it is to local economic development.

6. Properly located fish and shellfish farms can result in an increase in other marine species including economically important ones such as crabs, prawns, rockfish, salmon, and clams.

7. Advances in the science of salmon aquaculture can be of assistance in wild salmon enhancement projects. For example, salmon farms require salmon hatcheries where scientists and professionals work to better understand the salmon life cycle. This understanding can be applied to wild salmon enhancement projects.

8. Salmon farm employees are often available to assist outdoor enthusiasts such as kayakers should they need help while on the water in remote areas.

9. Salmon aquaculture provides an efficient use of protein to the world’s growing population.

10. It’s easy to prepare, versatile, and it tastes so good!