Reports on BC Aquaculture

Pacific Salmon Forum Report

Beginning in 2004, the BC Pacific Salmon Forum was charged with "examining the issues surrounding the wild and farmed salmon resource in British Columbia."

The Forum is mandated to analyze both scientific and socio-economic issues and generate balanced and impartial advise for managing the salmon resource.

The Pacific Salmon Forum's Final Report was delivered in 2009.

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Cohen Commission

The Cohen Commission is a Judicial Inquiry looking into the decline of the sockeye salmon in British Columbia’s Fraser River. There are many areas of interest that the Commission will investigate including, but not limited to; the impact of environmental changes along the Fraser River, marine environmental conditions, aquaculture, predators, diseases, water temperature and other factors that may have affected the ability of sockeye salmon to reach traditional spawning grounds or reach the ocean. The final report is to be submitted on or before June 30th, 2012.

From the final report submitted October 31, 2012:

“I am also satisfied that marine conditions in both the Strait of Georgia and Queen Charlotte Sound in 2007 were likely to be the primary factors responsible for the poor returns in 2009. Abnormally high freshwater discharge, warmer-than-usual sea surface temperatures, strong winds, and lower-than-normal salinity may have resulted in abnormally low phytoplankton and nitrate concentrations that could have led to poor zooplankton (food for sockeye) production.” (Volume 3, page 59)

“…data presented during this Inquiry did not show that salmon farms were having a significant negative impact on Fraser River sockeye…” (Volume 3, page 24)

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