Who We Are

The Society for the Positive Awareness of Aquaculture (SPAA) was formed in British Columbia in 1998 and brings together individuals interested in promoting positive awareness of the aquaculture industry through education and community involvement. SPAA formally changed it's name to Positive Aquaculture Awareness (PAA) in 2006.

The Society's main objective is to highlight the positive economic and environmental impact that the aquaculture industry offers west coast communities and to encourage and support individuals and companies within the industry to continue working on changing the public and media perceptions surrounding aquaculture. Through involvement in community events such as fairs and career development days, the Society helps raise the level of awareness about aquaculture with educational material and personal contact.

Our membership is open to all aspects of the aquaculture industry (shellfish and finfish interests) and is made up of individuals, producer companies and suppliers in the industry.

Positive Aquaculture Awareness Executive

President: Julia Warkentin

Vice President: Leanne Brunt

Secretary/Treasurer: Blair Billard

Past President: Corey Percevault