Aquaculture Reports

Aquaculture Reports

Relevent and timely reports on shellfish, salmon farming and other BC aquaculture products.

Questions and Answers on Salmon Aquaculture in BC
August 2011
This document has been created to provide a concise and comprehensive review of information relating to the salmon aquaculture industry in British Columbia (BC). The British Columbia Salmon Farmers Association (BCSFA) is dedicated to educating the general public about the salmon farming industry in the province.
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Research database now available online
July 13th, 2011
A new inventory of research on salmon aquaculture in Canada has now been posted online and is available to the general public. The Salmon Aquaculture Database is being hosted by the Aquaculture Association of Canada.
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A Stain Upon the Sea - Thoughts Provoked and Corrections - Dr. Groves, Feb 3, 2005

On December 16, 2004, I attended the book launch hosted by the Friends of Clayoquot Sound (FOCS) for the anti-salmon aquaculture west coast salmon farming collage, "A Stain Upon the Sea".

Diminishing Common Sense
Jan 26, 2005

The Activist Campaign Against Salmon Farming Based on Misinformation, Scare Tactics and Sensationalism

Farmed salmon, PCBs, Activists, and the Media - Updated

Jan 15, 2004
FRAMED SALMON: Updated to provide commentary on the well-publicized January 9, 2004 Science (Vol. 303) study of PCB levels in farmed and wild salmon

On The Risk of Colonization by Atlantic Salmon in BC Waters
BCSFA, by R.M.J Ginetz, May 2002
A comprehensive presentation and analysis of the real facts on the ability of Atlantic salmon, and other salmonids, to colonize outside of their natural range, with emphasis on the coastal waters of British Columbia, Canada. The conclusion, supported by historical experience as well as current scientific opinion and study, is that the risk of Atlantic salmon colonization in BC is not only low, but extremely so, and that farmed escapees are not in any way compromising wild Pacific salmon stocks.