Tormenting fish farmers is fun

February 12, 2003

"Tormenting fish farmers is fun -- it really, really is,'' Hunter wrote, adding, "Aren't I sweet?"

Hunter sent the e-mail to two private listservs. It was promptly leaked, outraging the aquaculture industry.

"It was her own words confirming that they think it's pretty funny to harass and torment the fish farmers, and that this is all a game,'' said the president of the Society for the Positive Awareness of Aquaculture  "She didn't care what she said. She didn't care about us. She didn't care about anything. She was playing a game." …

Tormenting fish farmers is fun

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From: Lynn Hunter
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Sent: Wednesday, February 12, 2003 3:52 PM

Subject: Faxing fishfarm companies

Hi there, Here is an opportunity to have some fun.
{ Maybe I need to get out more}

 By clicking on that site you can send a fax directly to the fishfarm companies telling them that their corporate behaviour in the Broughton Archipelago on the sealice issue is unacceptable -- and that you won't be buying any farmed salmon until the companies change their behaviour.

Tormenting fish farmers is fun -- it really, really is.

Aren't I sweet?

Lynn Hunter,
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