Some alternate reading on sea lice issue

October 12, 2009

Opinion: Bruce Lloyd,, Published: October 12, 2009

“A lie’s halfway round the world while truth is still putting on its shoes.”

– Mark Twain

Well, well, well, turns out that all the claims about sea lice virtually decimating our salmon stocks seem to be just a wee bit exaggerated, eh? What a surprise! Lo and behold, besides the massive return of pink salmon in the “doomed” Broughton Archipelago, once again, someone has finally done a thorough job of linking the financing of the various eco-doomsayers with the Alaska seafood people who embarked long ago on a planned economic attack on farmed salmon for the benefit of their market share.

Yesiree Bob, some of our “enviro-heroes” have turned out to be more like greedy grabbers who have been getting paid big money to heap the hyperbole on behalf of our Yankee friends.

They’re like their conniving cousins in the lumber tariff lobby will do their utmost to deviously destroy Canadian industry in the name of the environment so that they can make the big bucks via cross-border con games. Lawyers team up with fading fishing companies, eco-lobbyists, and our own fishy fundamentalists who wish to slaughter in the name of sport, but ensure that nary a person works in the long-practised pursuit of fish husbandry.

But I’m ahead of myself.

Salmon farm advocate Vivian Krause has produced a 14-page paper named “Sea Lice Research: Science or Marketing?” In a nutshell, an American fishing industry organization named “SeaWeb” has paid in excess of US$8.5 million to co-ordinate a program called “Seafood Choices.”

This marketing strategy puts pressure on such stores as Wal-Mart and the like to only sell seafood certified by the Marine Stewardship Council which is primarily Alaska salmon.

he overblown claims and constant attack on fish farms that we have witnessed here in B.C. has in large part been proof of the veracity of the old adage that “if you say something long enough it becomes fact” to be sure.

Despite a body of evidence contrary to the claims, a large portion of our population believes that sea lice, an eternally present natural pest in our waters, is almost solely responsible for any poor salmon stocks on our coast.

Not commercial or recreational over-fishing, not the predominance of marine mammal populations, and definitely not our sorry past of bulldozing and logging salmon streams. Nay, it be solely sea lice according to our well-monied American friends and their paid lackeys.

Never mind that such “green” organizations – such as the Packard Foundation and others – have drawn monies from this “innocent” industrial fund to pay for “research” that runs contrary to a lot of the peer-reviewed research other organizations have been doing.

This paper, among others, is a must for anyone wishing to seek a balanced truth regarding the salmon wars.

Krause exposes the yellow underbelly of a typical American eco-imperialism that we have seen countless times before in this war and others.

The interesting local items for me were the funds provided to Sointula’s Living Oceans Society and Echo Bay eco-guru Alexandra Morton. Enjoy the revelation and be sure to follow this somewhat suspect “crisis!”