Fish farms

November 12, 2009

Letter to the Editor, Campbell River Mirror, November 12, 2009

Re. “U.S. interests are pulling Canada’s strings again” (BC Views, The Tri-City News, Nov. 4).

As someone who works in B.C.’s salmon aquaculture industry, I can appreciate Tom Fletcher’s article about the “de-marketing” campaign of B.C. farm-raised salmon brought about by U.S. interests.

The fact is, worldwide demand for healthy seafood is growing and cannot be met by exploiting wild fisheries.

The logical argument for salmon aquaculture is clear — whether it’s farming in B.C., or ranching salmon in Alaska.

Are we perfect? No, and we’ve never claimed to be. But I am proud that we are always willing to adapt our business to the latest science and ensure the benefits of salmon farming far outweigh any potential risk.

As Mr. Fletcher correctly states, it’s a shame that these well-funded critics of our business are overstating the impacts of salmon farming in an attempt to market Alaska salmon, which, coincidentally, is supported heavily by salmon aquaculture (salmon ranching provides 40 per cent of Alaska’s annual catch).

On behalf of 6,000 hard-working B.C. salmon farmers, thank you, Mr. Fletcher, for finally exposing this. Perhaps now readers can understand what’s really behind the headlines.

Brad Hallam,
Quadra Island