Hype vs Fact

BC Salmon Farms and the Environment

All developments have an impact on the environment. In the case of salmon farming, the positive impacts far outweigh any negative impacts. A salmon farm located in a deep bay or strait is like a floating reef providing habitat for hundreds of marine species that attach themselves to the nets, floats, and anchor lines. Many more find shelter in the lee of the tidal currents where they can feed on plankton that thrive around the farm.

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Farmed Salmon Nutrition & Food Safety

Salmon is one of the most healthy and safest of foods. Fresh farm-raised salmon contains high levels of omega-3 fatty acids that are good for your heart and mind and is an excellent source of protein. All salmon contain carotenes, which are powerful anti-oxidants that help prevent cancer. The carotenes also happen to give wild and farmed salmon its distinctive colour.

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Economic Benefits to Coastal Communities

In British Columbia, salmon farms provide thousands of jobs for residents of remote coastal communities. Aquaculture is the most promising form of economically and environmentally sustainable development in many parts of the world. Aquaculture adds new seafood for a growing population and helps reduce fishing pressure on wild fish stocks.

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