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Positive Aquaculture Awareness is pleased to host the 15th Annual Aquaculture Achievement Awards. These awards will honour individuals and organizations that are committed to sustainable aquaculture.

To assist the judging process, please provide detailed reasons for your nominations.

Please submit your nomination by Wednesday, March 7, 2014. Thanks!

Aquaculture Business Award

Nominations are open to all businesses who contribute to the success of the BC Aquaculture Industry

Please give the reason for your nomination in the category of Aquaculture Business Award

Leadership Award

Awarded to the individual for their efforts and actions demonstrating leadership and mentorship

Environment Award

Awarded to the company or individual who has effectively broadened the practice of sustainable aquaculture.

Long Term Recognition

Awarded to the individual showing commitment to the Aquaculture Industry over a long period. Special consideration will be given to those who have contributed significantly to the industry's development.

Outstanding Employee Performance (Producer, Processing, Supplier)
Outstanding Manager Performance (Producer, Processing, Supplier)

Awarded to the individual whose overall performance is outstanding, shows leadership in all areas and is effective at personnel development and problem solving.

Rookie of the Year (less than 5 years' work experience in the industry)

Awarded to the individual that has been in the industry less than 5 years and has demonstrated outstanding performance and dedication to the industry.

Outstanding Contributor to our Commmunities

Awarded to an individual for their volunteer efforts and actions in the Community.

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