Before siccing “Team America” on Canada, Senators need to investigate their own states for ISA

Apparently Americans don’t get the South Park “Blame Canada” joke.

The point of the joke is that instead of facing and fixing their own problems, the characters pick Canada as a scapegoat to blame.

Senator Maria Cantwell of Washington State, Alaskan senators and American media pundits have missed that irony as they continue to blame Canada, accusing the Canadian government of hiding something to protect B.C. salmon farmers and claiming that B.C. salmon farms may have introduced an east coast salmon virus into the Pacific Ocean.

It’s curious that Cantwell says nothing at all about the aquaculture industry in her own state, which has been farming Atlantic salmon in net pens in Puget Sound since 1972.

Her state also deliberately introduced Atlantic salmon to try and establish populations for sport fishing in 1904. They tried again from 1951-1991. Her state also has several Atlantic salmon hatcheries which have “leaked” fish into watersheds as recently as 2006.

British Columbia salmon farmers didn’t start farming Atlantic salmon until 1985.

B.C. salmon farmers have never detected the Infectious Salmon Anemia virus in their farmed fish.

If there is some kind of virus out there which has gone undetected for so long, a strong possibility exists it was introduced into the ocean through means other than B.C. salmon farms.

Washington State’s extensive experience with Atlantic salmon springs to mind as something which should be investigated.

We certainly want to get to the bottom of this ISA virus issue. But our government agencies are on it, doing a thorough and impartial investigation, and the Americans should butt out.

Meanwhile, Cantwell and the rest of them need to search their own backyards first for evidence of this virus before they send “Team America” across the border to try and fix everything.

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